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Log4net is not working on production machine, How to fix that?

21 July 2015

Log4net is commonly used tool to log custom exceptions, same is in my current project. It is useful to write trace information or exception. By the way for un handled exceptions i am using Elmah which is doing pretty well.


We have smart deployment system to our test and development servers, but currently issue was that locally log4net works pretty cool but on production it does not. To configure I am using assembly attribute 
[assembly: log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator(Watch=true)]


Firstly i thought issue is with permission because file was not created, i added iis_iusrs and finally everyone with full permissions but it does not help.
Finally i started reading log4net faq and found interesting topic about release configuration which says 
For a command line application "as early as possible" probably is the class holding the Main method, for a Web-Application it would be your Global.asax class and for a Windows Service it would be the class deriving from ServiceBase.
Going further i found other topic which says
Using attributes can be a clearer method for defining where the application's configuration will be loaded from. However it is worth noting that attributes are purely passive. They are information only. Therefore if you use configuration attributes you must invoke log4net to allow it to read the attributes. A simple call toLogManager.GetLogger will cause the attributes on the calling assembly to be read and processed. Therefore it is imperative to make a logging call as early as possible during the application start-up, and certainly before any external assemblies have been loaded and invoked.
So i added code to global.asax

  protected void Application_Start()
           var logger = LogManager.GetLogger("Default");        }
And finally everything works on all my servers. I can log my trace info, which helps me to solve issues if any.