Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Nuget EXEC : warning : Unable to read package from path

Today i got strange exception on my machine when restoring Nuget packages. It show me exception  EXEC : warning : Unable to read package from path PackageName.Version.

Firstly i thought issue was with nuget server but when i open nuget website  it works as expected, also it works on my build machine so I understood issue is probably just on my machine (I suppose some network issues).
After some googling i found suggestion to clean nuget cache which is located in foder %LocalAppData%\NuGet\Cache.  But again it does not help me. When i rebuild next time I saw that many packages are 8kb in size and that which wont install.

Go to nuget download and find exact version of package you need and download it to nuget cache folder (%LocalAppData%\NuGet\Cache) then try to rebuild it will work :)

Volodymyr Bilyachat Web Developer